Let There Be Light!

The background on the meaning of the word “Shekinah” & why it was chosen to be the name of my candle company:

If you have ever seen the movie, “The Ten Commandments” or read the story from the Bible, you'll remember that the Israelite people were finally set free and were able to begin their journey out of Egypt.

Exodus 13:20-22 states:

“So they took their journey [that is, the children of Israel] from Succoth and camped in Etham at the edge of the wilderness. And the Lord went before them by day in a pillar of cloud to lead the way, and by night in a pillar of fire to give them light, so as to go by day and night. He did not take away the pillar of cloud by day or the pillar of fire by night from before the people.”  It was something that was always there.

This is why our signature scent here at Shekinah True scents is the “Shekinah Scent”...It is grey in color to symbolize the cloud which represents God’s leading and guidance on this company. It’s a fruity scent (pomegranate) and smells so good!! When I go into people’s homes to do an in-home show, I love to tell that story.

We offer a large line of unique products.

Our Shop contains all of our candles, melts/bars and candle scent sprays. Along with some great and unique electric melters.

True Scents Anointing Oils are a unique line of products containing anointing oil. True Scents are a new candle, melt and spray we are excited to be releasing.  These products contain Anointing oil. Each product is made from the same quality ingredients that our products are known for, with the addition of anointing oil. 

The sprays are a way to use anointing oil in unique ways.  The freedom of being able  to spray the oil enables you to be able to anoint large areas.  Carry it with you and spray areas that can't be anointed with traditional oil. 

Man Cave is a line focused on fragrances that the guys will enjoy. From Bacon to Fresh Cut Grass to Blacked Ice, we have everything you need to make their Man Cave smell amazing.